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COMMERCIAL BREAKS is published by Simon & Schuster/Aladdin and reveals the lives of tween girls making their way through the complex, captivating and ultra-competitive world of commercial castings. P.G. has been on hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of commercial auditions for everything from a talking taco to a mad cupcake scientist.  He has even booked a few spots.

Commercial Breaks, Famous for Thirty Seconds by P.G. Kain FAMOUS FOR THIRTY SECONDS

Brittany Rush is the face of Gotta Have It candy bars, the hands of Write On pencils, the hair of Knot Me Not detangle spray and the voice of Mom, It’s Delicious! soups. Brittany has been appearing in commercials and print ads since her backside was the official derriere of Simply Dry Diapers. When Brittany showed up at a callback some girls would actually just get up and go home since they knew it was almost impossible to compete with her. However, a month after her twelfth birthday, Brittany’s mother tells her that the entire family is moving to Hong Kong for a year. Brittany is forced to take a brief but agonizing break from her commercial career. After a year of being just an anonymous kid in a foreign country, Brittany is more than ready to return stateside to her steady diet of go-see’s, auditions, callbacks and bookings in NYC.

Within 48 hours of landing at JFK Brittany’s agent Judith Lister of the A Lister’s Agency has three go-see’s for Brittany. When she shows up to the first go-see, she expects the spotlight to start shining on her again but instead she finds that, in the year that she has been gone, she has changed from being the cute kid to watch out for to just one of the many pretty girls waiting her turn. Will Brittany be able to steal back her spotlight? Or will she discover there's more to life than being famous for thirsty seconds?

Commercial Breaks, Picture Perfect by P.G. Kain PICTURE PERFECT

In commercials, it’s easy to be perfect: A director has hand-picked your parents after a week of callbacks, and the right things to say are printed on cue cards. Off camera, reality is a bit more complicated.

Cassie Herold knows her parents are having problems. Her dad basically lives on the road and sees her more on TV than he does in real life. Her mom, a math professor who would rather balance an equation than get a manicure, is nothing like the energetic, perfectly groomed f.m.’s (fake moms) she sees at auditions for everything from snack cakes to energy water. If only Cassie could get her real life to be a bit more like her commercial life, then maybe she could get a date with Rory Roberts—the cutest boy in both the commercial and the real world. But will her family ever get back on track and be picture perfect?

Commercial Breaks, Dramatic Pause by P.G. Kain DRAMATIC PAUSE

Bianca Vega-Flores is as serious an actress as you can be at the age of thirteen. She has appeared in dozens of plays in regional theater and was recently reviewed in The New York Times for her role in a small Off-Broadway show. When her theatrical agent suggests she go out for some commercial work, Isobel is appalled. Commercials are quite frankly beneath her and her boyfriend, Preston Banner III couldn’t agree more. He is also a serious actor, from a long line of serious actors, and he thinks that the kids who spend their time auditioning for soft drink ads are silly amateurs. However, when Bianca’s parents tell her that they might not be able to afford the tuition for the world-famous dramatic academy she has her heart set on, a few commercial auditions don’t seem so bad.

At first Bianca is a complete disaster at auditions since she applies her dramatic flair to everything she goes out for. She meets Britanny, Phoebe (Famous for Thirty Seconds) and Cassie (Picture Perfect) who help her channel her talent toward commercial success.

However when Bianca books a major international spot for a popular soft drink things gets sticky. Can she keep her commercial life secret so that she can maintain her integrity and keep her boyfriend during this brief dramatic pause?

Blurbs about the Commercial Breaks series
"Juicy and thoughtful, Brittany's story is hardly a 'short break' from the scheduled attraction. Commercial Breaks is THE the main attraction, and a fabulous, addictive read."
Lauren Myracle author of TTYL, Twelve and Shine

"Girls will love this fabulous and funny behind-the-scenes story of Brittany Rush, as she tries to make her comeback as a childhood star in commercials and ads. Famous for Thirty Seconds gives readers the secret inside scoop about the drama-filled competitive world of auditions, callbacks and bookings—and what it takes to be a star. Fabulous, funny and full of heart, Famous for Thirty Seconds will be surely famous for more than thirty seconds! My book kept disappearing—thanks to my daughter who just “had to read it.” So we shared. And we enjoyed. "
Julia DeVillers, co-author of the TRADING FACES series about identical twins (with her identical twin, Jennifer Roy!)

"Most of us aren't models but we all know how hard it is to go from being a cute kid to just another face in the crowd. Brittany's adventures are true and hilarious and heart-breaking. You'll want to read this book all at once. I can't wait to meet the other girls in Commercial Breaks!"
Sarah Hamfeldt, Young Adult Librarian

"From first audition to final callback, COMMERCIAL BREAKS is a fun, frothy and fascinating look behind the scenes of the world of commercial castings. In "Famous for Thirty Seconds" Brittany Rush is the tween diva you've always wanted as a best friend."
Taylor Morris author of BBF Breakup and the Hello Gorgeous series.

"So full of compelling and exquisite behind-the-scenes detail you'll want to run right out and get your own commercial agent. In Famous for Thirty Seconds, Brittany Rush's fierce determination keeps you turning pages until the final scene. Does it end with a kiss or a callback or both? You have to read to find out."
Carley Moore author of The Stalker Chronicles

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